Pharmacy Motorized Courier

On the internet google yandex bing search engine you are looking for drug courier service with our company serial courier daytime closest pharmacy from 19:00 pm after the pharmacies demanded from the pharmacy on the order of 30 minutes to 45 minutes will deliver the specified adrese.

Drug courier, antibiotics not written by a specialist, green prescription or red prescription drugs can not be taken from pharmacies without a prescription. We do not have a connection to drugs sold abroad or sold on the internet. We only take drugs with seal stamps sold at pharmacies and deliver the given adrese. Our company offers motorized courier service only.

Your prescription medicines written by a doctor are taken from the nearest pharmacy, taken at the address where you have stated your home and workplace, with 25% more courier fee.

Drug courier service is a motorized courier service established for reasons such as your partner being alone at home, your children being parents or elder siblings due to illnesses of individuals, parking problems in the neighborhood, parking lots being away, being unable to go out due to more reasons not being in your local pharmacy.

The shortest distance of medication courier service is determined as the shortest distance motorway courier fee 70 pounds after 22:00 pm night time according to the distance of 50 pounds distance between day time 08:00 am and 22:00 pm night time. For the remote messenger service, please do not worry about the service fee.